New Mexico Customer Ordered The Round Bottle Labeling Machine with Air Blowing

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Update time : 2023-09-15 15:46:07

Labeling is an important part in packaging process for every production industry. Different products are manufactured and labeling is considered as the mandatory source by means of which information about the product and the manufacturer can be presented over the label for consumers to identity the product easily.A labeling machine is used to stick the label onto the container so that the product is unique and all information is passed on according to the rules governing the labeling procedures.We are professional manufacturer of labeling machine.There are many different types of labeler in our factory.We will recommed suitable labeling machine according to customer's product and demands.

A new customer from Mexico found us two months ago.He was looking for a labeling machine for mineral water bottle.The customer told us that there are 4 sizes of round bottle.The most remarkable thing is that these bottles are empty before labeling and easily deformed.Finally we recommended the round bottle labeling machine for the customer.Added the air blowing device on the machine to solve deformed problem.After getting the confirmation &samples of the product in sizes and drawing for manufacturing the labeling machine.

We spent only 20 working days finishing everything.Our engineer test and debugged the machines in a few days
.The machine works very well and the customer is very satisfied with the labeling effect.Please watch the tested video and picture of labeling effect as below
If you are aslo looking for labeling machine,Please never hesitate to contact us.Our sales team and engineer will recommend suitable machines for you base on customers requirements.

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